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Empowering Learners in a Changing World With Competency-Based Education-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.38

Empowering Learners in a Changing World With Competency-Based Education -Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.38 w/Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan


In Episode 38 of the Global CTE Podcast, host Sylvester Chisom engages with Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan in a thought-provoking discussion on the transformative potential of Competency-Based Education (CBE). Dr. Duncan highlights global trends, the impact of skills-based learning on workforce development, and the future of Career Technical Education in adapting to a dynamically changing world. This insightful episode delves into the significance of recognizing informal learning experiences, the evolution of assessments, and the empowerment of learners through verifiable skills and competencies.

Topics Covered:

-Global Movement Towards Skills-Based Education

-Defining Competency-Based Education

-The Future of Assessments in a Skills-Based Economy

-Bridging K12 and Higher Ed through Competency-Based Education

-Validating Real-World Skills in Youth Programs

Dr. Amber Garrison Duncan Bio

Currently, Dr. Garrison Duncan serves as the Executive Vice President of the Competency-Based Education Network, the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted to focusing education on what learners know and can do. These models allow institutions to advance a truly learner-centric model that creates new, more equitable opportunities for economic mobility. Over her career, Amber has led work in competency-based education, learning frameworks, assessment, credential recognition, digital learner records and open data standards, as well as quality assurance.


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