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Rethinking Education: Fostering Experiential Learning-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.34

Rethinking Education: Fostering Experiential Learning and Community Ties-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.34w/ Barbara Bray


In episode 34 of the Global CTE Podcast, "Rethinking Education" host Sylvester Chisom engages with educational thought leader Barbara Bray. They delve into the transformative role of experiential learning and community engagement in modern education, discussing innovative strategies that bridge classroom learning with real-world application. This conversation underscores the importance of empowering students through practical experiences and collaborative community projects, highlighting a progressive approach to shaping the next generation's educational journey.

Topics Covered:

Inspiring Educational Change: The Story Behind 'Define Your Why

Aligning Missions and Passions in Education

Rethinking Education: Insights from New Zealand

Generative Curriculum: Learning Driven by Students

Integrating Global Goals into Education

Barbara Bray Bio:

Barbara is a coach, teacher, writer, disruptor, risk-taker, learning designer, connector, and visionary. She calls herself a creative learning strategist where others call her a “change-maker.” Whenever anyone told Barbara she couldn’t do something, she took it as a challenge. Her dream long ago was to create an online place for educators that was safe and secure with all the tools and resources in one place. She did it with My eCoach as early as 1999 — way before there was Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Pinterest. Barbara is what some call a “Digital Pioneer.” Barbara started her Rethinking Learning podcast to capture stories from people who inspire her. She invited people that were on her podcast or who had reached out to her to share their stories for her book, Define Your WHY published in February 2020.

Links to the episode:

Learn more about: Define Your WHY

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