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Building Student Portfolios-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.35 w/Peter Hostrawser

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Building Student Portfolios-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.35 w/Peter Hostrawser


Episode 35 of the Global CTE Podcast, hosted by Sylvester Chisom, features Peter Hostrawser as a special guest. In this episode, Peter shares his innovative ideas and experiences in education, focusing on the importance of student-centered learning and real-world applications. The discussion explores how education can be reimagined to better prepare students for future challenges and opportunities.

Topics covered:

  • Redefining Education: Exploring innovative approaches to make learning more relevant and impactful.

  • Community Involvement: Discussing the role of schools in community development and problem-solving.

  • Future of CTE: Examining the role of Career and Technical Education in adapting to current and future job markets.

  • Student-Centered Success: Sharing the growth and success of a business department that prioritizes student needs and real-world connections.

Peter Hostrawser BIO:

Peter Hostrawser is a seasoned educator with over two decades of experience, having witnessed the evolution of students within a largely unchanged educational framework. As the host of the Disrupt Education Podcast, he has amplified student voices, gaining insights into the reasons behind burnout in traditional educational settings. His consultancy work with EdTech companies has equipped him with a unique perspective on bridging startups with educational systems. Peter's expertise lies in crafting curriculum tailored to organizations, ensuring their learning objectives align seamlessly with learners.

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