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Embracing Micro-Credentials - Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.23 w/Noah Geisel

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Future of Education: Embracing Micro-Credentials

Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.23 w/Noah Geisel


In this compelling episode of the Global CTE Podcast, our host Sylvester Chisom delves into an engaging conversation with Noah Geisel, an ardent proponent for micro-credentialing in education. Noah shares his deep insights on the changing landscape of education and the essential role of micro-credentials in this transformation. Together, they navigate the concept of learner motivation, the necessity of credentialing educators, and the exciting potential for democratizing recognition in education.

Topics Covered

-Exploration of micro-credentials and their growing importance in the future of education

-Discussion on the need for learner motivation and building value propositions for micro-credentials

-Importance of credentialing educators and the influence it has on their effectiveness

-Insight into the future of micro-credentials and badging, highlighting their potential for global impact

-A closer look at the concept of 'open recognition', facilitating a culture of learner-attested competencies and peer-to-peer recognition.

Noah Geisel Bio:

Noah Geisel serves as micro-credentials program manager at the University of Colorado Boulder. He co-founded the annual Badge Summit Conference and is a lecturer at the University of Colorado Denver. With a background as a world languages, edtech, and digital badges consultant, Noah is passionate about helping educators and students make awesome happen. He has 19 years of experience teaching Spanish, English, and technology and was recognized as the 2013 ACTFL National Language Teacher of the Year. He is a learner, sharer, traveler, and giver of high fives.

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