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Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.22 w/Sandra Adams PH.D.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Embracing Work-Based Learning: Beyond Classroom Boundaries

Global Career Tech Education Podcast Episode 22 w/Sandra Adams PH.D.


In this enlightening episode of the Global CTE Podcast, host Sylvester Chisom engages with Dr. Sandra Adams in a deep dive discussion about the transformative power of work-based learning. Dr. Adams, a passionate advocate for career and technical education (CTE), shares valuable insights on the alignment of educational pathways with evolving economic demands. Together, they explore the significance of unified professional development, the importance of post-secondary variety, and the potential of adopting a Swiss-style model of education in America.

Topics Covered

-Importance of a unified message in professional development settings

-Need for diverse post-secondary paths beyond traditional four-year degrees

-Introduction to the Swiss model of education, which emphasizes work-based learning

-Importance of aligning education to current and future economic demands

-Value of integrating work-based learning into the education system

Sandra Adams, Ph.D. BIO

In July 2023, Sandra will become the Vice President for Administration with the ACTE Board of Directors. Sandra currently serves as a CTE administrator with a large urban district, in Indiana. Her passion for active learning and high quality instruction led her to author four books on CTE instruction and meaningful teacher collaboration, including her top selling “But I’m Not a Reading Teacher.”

Sandra has worked with numerous school districts across the US and is a regular contributor for ACTE’s Techniques magazine. She has provided multiple presentations for state, regional and national ACTE conferences. Most recently she is sharing her keynote address, Possibility Thinking with the 5Ps of WBL-- How to embed WBL into any CTE Program to promote student performance.

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