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Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.12 w/Adam Shaw

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Tune in to episode 12 of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast hosted by Sylvester Chisom, with special guest Adam Shaw, a celebrated Principal from South Dakota.

"How To Build Successful Community Partnerships In CTE"


Sylvester Chisom and Adam Shaw discuss the following topics in an inspiring and insightful conversation.

-How to create enduring community partnerships in CTE

-The #1 Strategy to get the support of the local business community

-The Secret to developing and supporting cte teachers

-How to align cte programs with the employment needs of the community

-What makes the CTE community so strong in South Dakota

Adam Shaw BIO

Adam is the High School Principal at Madison High School in South Dakota. Under his leadership Madison does an outstanding job at giving students hands on cte experiences that expose them early to high need jobs and careers of the future. In his previous roles he has served as city commissioner of Madison, South Dakota and Superintendent of Marion School District. Adam is a forward thinking leader in cte who prioritizes building community partnerships that advance his students learning opportunities.

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