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Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.17 w/Rachael Mann

ChatGPT and the Future of Education: Exploring AI's Impact on Career Readiness


Join host Sylvester Chisom as he sits down with special guest Rachael Mann to explore the impact of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence on K-12 education and career readiness. With Mann's expertise in the field of career and technical education, this episode offers insights on how educators can prepare their students for the tech-driven workforce of the future. Don't miss this thought-provoking and informative conversation on the Global CTE Podcast.

Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.17 w/Rachael Mann

Sylvester Chisom and special guest, Rachael Mann, CTE Director at the Milton Hershey School in PA have a captivating and insightful discussion on the current landscape of AI in education.


-ChatGpt, AI & Education

-How CTE educators can benefit from using AI

-Impact and Innovation at the Milton Hershey School

-New Book: The Things You’ll Grow

-Agriculture and early career exploration

-How to use AI as a productive tool in the classroom

-Ethics and AI education

-Developing CTE programs for high need, livable wage careers

Rachael Mann bio

Rachael Mann is passionate about all things related to education, technology, and science.

With over 14 years of classroom teaching experience, she believes in the importance of shaping the educational philosophies and spaces of today by looking toward the innovations of tomorrow. Rachael is an international keynote speaker at conferences and events across the globe. She speaks and writes about disruptive technology, education, and careers. She is the author of 4 books including her newest title, The Things You Will grow.

Ms. Mann’s currently serves at the director of CTE at the Milton Hershey School in PA, and is also the host of NCLA Podcast.

Rachael is listed in the Top 30 Global Gurus in Education.

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