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Igniting Passion for Careers in Food Science-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.36

Flavors of the Future: Igniting Passion for Careers in Food Science-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.36 w/Jennifer Lindsey


"Flavors of the Future: Igniting Passion for Careers in Food Science" is a captivating episode of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast, where host Sylvester Chisom interviews Jennifer Lindsey from Corbion. They delve into the innovative approaches of the CAPS program in food science education, highlighting how it bridges the gap between industry needs and student talent. The episode is a treasure trove of insights on how engaging, hands-on experiences in food science can ignite students' passion and open diverse career paths in the industry.


-Addressing the Talent Gap in the Food Industry

-The Power of Community Involvement in Education

-Bridging the Gap: Industry Outreach to Schools

-Encouraging Future Food Scientists Through Hands-On Experience

-High Demand and Placement in Food Science Careers

Jennifer Lindsey Bio:

Jennifer Lindsey is the Chief Marketing and Digital Officer for Corbion, an industry leader in food safety, freshness, and stabilization solutions in many of the foods we all enjoy, and lactic acid and its’ derivatives for bio-industrial and bio-medical applications. Jennifer brings 32 years of international strategy development, product development, and marketing experience in the areas of food ingredients, supplements, and products for humans and companion animals. With a scientific background in Food Science and Biochemistry Jennifer is able to translate science into the “so what?”, otherwise known as commercial differentiation. Prior to her tenure with Corbion, Jennifer held leadership roles in marketing for Parnell Animal Health focusing on osteoarthritis therapies and fertility synchronization for dairy cows, business and marketing leadership roles in DuPont Nutrition and Health, and Danisco Ingredients, global functional food ingredient companies. Jennifer has a BS in Food Science; Human Nutrition with emphasis in Sensory Science and Bio Chemistry from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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