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Teamship: Real-World Student Empowerment-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.47 w/Dan Gonzalez

Teamship: Real-World Student Empowerment-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep. 47 w/Dan Gonzalez


In Episode 47 of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast, host Sylvester Chisom welcomes Dan Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of District C. They discuss the importance of integrating human skills with technical education, highlighting how the Teamship model empowers students to solve real-world problems. Gonzalez shares insights on fostering collaboration, the significance of equity and access in education, and the vital role of human skills in the modern workforce.

Topics Covered:

  • Balancing Technical and Human Skills for Success

  • Real Business Problems in the Classroom

  • Teamship: Equalizing Voices in Team Dynamics

  • Defining a Great Problem for Students

  • Employer Demand for Human Skills

Dan Gonzalez Bio:

Dan studied engineering at Dartmouth College before becoming a high school physics teacher. After teaching, Dan joined Manhattan Prep, a global leader in test preparation. He became president of the company in 2011 shortly after it was acquired by Kaplan. More recently, Dan co-founded District C, a nonprofit that prepares the next generation of diverse talent for modern work. District C's flagship program, called Teamship, is a reimagined internship experience where teams of students solve real problems for real businesses. Since 2017, over 4,000 Teamship students have worked on real problems for almost 400 businesses.

Learn more about District C.

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