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Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.16 w/Atul Temurnikar

"Revolutionizing Education: Insights from Singapore Based Global Schools Foundation"


Join Sylvester Chisom and special guest, Atul Temurnikar, GSF Chairman for an engaging and thought-provoking conversation covering a range of fascinating topics.

Episode 16 of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast offers unique perspectives and inspiring insights that you won't want to miss!

-GSF's Holistic Approach to Education

-Secrets Of Singapore's highly-rated education system

-Curriculum Planning for Interdisciplinary Learning

-Indicator system for identifying struggling students

-Creating personalized pathways for students

-Preparing Students for Skills Training in Saudi Arabia


Atul Temurnikar serves as co-founding trustee and Executive Chairman of Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation (GSF), a not-for-profit institution with 23 campuses of multicultural environments under its umbrella. GSF has a mission to give every child an equal chance at success through world-class education. Atul, is a prominent member of the education industry in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, North & South Asia & Middle East.

His significant efforts in the education sector include being a member of the Schools Sub-committee of the National Integration Committee (NIC) that was set up by the Government of Singapore.

Atul also participated in recommending changes to the Indian Foreign Direct Investment’s (FDI) policies for India’s education sector, which were then implemented with special cabinet approval.

Mr Temurnikar is a staunch advocate of high-quality education that transcends socio-economic boundaries from Korea to Japan in the East, to Singapore to Malaysia in ASEAN, India and the Middle East.

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