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Global Career Tech Education Podcast ep.7 w/Pat Brown Executive Director STEAM & CTE

A new Global Career Tech Education Podcast episode is out now!

Global Career Tech Education Podcast ep.7 w/Pat Brown Executive Director STEAM & CTE

As we draw nearer to school starting, check out a new and exciting episode of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast. In episode 7, Sylvester has an engaging conversation with Pat Brown, Executive Director STEAM & CTE from the Fort Zumwalt School District in MO.

In this episode, Sylvester Chisom and Pat Brown discuss:

-Pat shares the key strategies around creating effective teaching environments for STEAM and CTE classes.

-The positive benefits of educators using the explore before you explain philosophy

-The Instructional sequence in other countries compared to America.

-The need for CTE courses focused on high need jobs

-Best practices in starting an apprenticeship program

Pat Brown Bio:

Patrick (Pat) Brown brings a wealth of experience from both a practical and research-based background in education. He currently serves as the executive director of STEAM for one of the largest school districts in Missouri. He coordinates the district curriculum and instruction for all STEAM and Career and Technical Education Programs. He has also taught science lessons across the K-16 continuum. Pat is an accomplished writer, having authored five books, including the NSTA bestselling series Instructional Sequence Matters. He has also written more than 50 peer-reviewed articles. His research has been published in leading journals, including Science Education, the Journal of Science Teacher Education, and the International Journal of Science Education. The combination of Pat’s teaching and research experience has helped him better understand the types of professional learning need to reach the vision of contemporary educational reform.

Links to the episode:

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