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How To Future Proof Your Students' Careers With Skills-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.25

How To Future Proof Your Students' Careers With Skills-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.25 w/Kelly Ryan Bailey


In this engaging episode of the Global CTE Podcast, Sylvester delves into an insightful conversation with guest Kelly Ryan Bailey, an acclaimed data and language expert. The podcast focuses on the convergence of data science, linguistics, and education, exploring Bailey's journey and highlighting her invaluable contributions to digital learning platforms. It provides a fascinating look at the intersection of AI and education, shedding light on how technology can personalize education and make it more accessible for everyone.

Topics Covered

  • The Skills Revolution: Emphasizing Life Skills Over Formal Education

  • Harnessing AI in Education: A Paradigm Shift

  • Building Inclusive Technology through Empathy and Diversity

  • Integrating Skills Development in Modern Education

  • Solving Global Challenges through Uncommon Partnerships

Kelly Ryan Bailey BIO:

Kelly Ryan Bailey is an entrepreneur, speaker, advisor, investor, and mama of three. She is the founder & CEO of Skills Baby, the home of her podcast 'Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby', and Got Skills? She is on a mission to change the world through life skills. Kelly believes we learn skills throughout all our life experiences, not only formal work and education experiences. She is a true global thought leader and is a co-founder of, World in 2050, a think-tank aimed at solving the world's biggest problems. Her nearly 20 year professional journey has focused on building and advising startups, creating talent ecosystems between companies, educators, and governments, fostering innovative skills-based hiring and learning technology solutions, enabling organizations to build more equitable hiring practices, and evangelizing skills as the currency of the labor market. Kelly is committed to empowering individuals and organizations to find fulfilling ways to work and live.

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