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How To Incorporate Gaming & E-Sports In CTE-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.28

How To Incorporate Gaming & E-Sports In CTE-Global CTE Podcast Ep.28 w/Danny Martin


In episode 28 of the Global CTE Podcast titled "How To Incorporate Gaming & E-Sports In CTE," host Sylvester Chisom engages with Danny Martin, the co-founder and CEO of Esposure and a visionary in the Esports industry. Together, they delve into the evolution and impact of Esports, its integration into the educational sector, and the myriad of opportunities it presents for students and educators alike. The conversation touches on the significance of industry partnerships, the rise of Esports in education, and the transformative power of gaming as a bridge between skills and opportunities.

Topics Covered

-Understanding The Careers Connected To E-Sports

-The Rise of Esports in Education

-Transferable Skills from Gaming

-How To Organizing District-Wide Esports Tournaments

-How To Introduce Game Development and Esports

Danny Martin Bio:

Danny is a visionary and thought-leader in the esports industry. As the Co-founder/CEO of Esposure Inc. and Professional Esports Instructor at SMU, he has aided in the professional development of students, interns, and post-graduates. These students have received esports scholarships and employment from acclaimed Universities and esports Organizations like Central Methodist University, Complexity Gaming, Pacers Gaming, and Mavs Gaming. Furthermore, he has provided opportunities for many esports players to play with professional franchises. Danny's passion for helping others has allowed him to be a sought after speaker at high schools and universities. In his pursuit of connecting everyone to esports, he maintains relationships with the NBA, NFL, & music industry. Danny is always ready to talk about esports and is on a mission of helping 20,000 esports enthusiasts by 2025.

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