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The Integrated CTE Mindset-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.32 w/Jeff Cochran

The Integrated CTE Mindset-Global Career Tech Education Podcast Ep.32 w/Jeff Cochran


In Episode 32 of the Global Career Tech Education Podcast, special guest Jeff Cochran delves into the nuances of educational technology, emphasizing the pivotal role of student engagement and personalized learning. Drawing from his extensive experience, Jeff highlights the transformative impact of immersive learning environments and underscores the importance of fostering global collaboration among learners. The conversation provides invaluable insights for educators and tech enthusiasts, revealing future trends and best practices in the evolving world of edtech.

Topics Covered

-Teaching Skills Through Curriculum, Not the Other Way Around Reframing the College Pathway: Right Fit for Kids

-The Role of Interdisciplinary Learning in Engaging Students

-The Launch Classes Concept

-Educator Burnout and the Need for Balance

Jeff Cochran BIO:

Jeff Cochran is an esteemed educational leader serving as the Director of Future Learning in the Selah School District in the state of Washington. With a passion for student success, Cochran plays a pivotal role in shaping the district's vision and strategy for Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs and future-driven projects spanning from Pre-K to 12th grade. Under Jeff's leadership there has been a 60%+ increase in CTE course enrollment since taking over the rural High School program (1100 students). His steadfast belief in the transformative power of integrating CTE concepts and mindsets throughout the public school system drives his mission to enhance student achievement and prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Under Cochran's leadership, the Selah School District has become a model for CTE integration. He fosters strong partnerships with local businesses, industry professionals, higher education institutions, and community organizations to provide students with authentic learning experiences and real-world connections.

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